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SigEp was founded on three principles: Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. We are the largest social fraternity in the United States, founded on November 1, 1901.

Family Day at the SigEp House and Chez Hay Event Space was a tremendous success. The lunch and raffle was attended by 300 SigEp members and families. It was terrific to see multiple generations of Brothers. Thank you to all who made the event a success, especially Chair Tina Fitzsimmons, (Miles, 2016) and her team of helpers. All the photos, including some of John Massey '85 and Tim Holzfaster '82 and their sons, are on the Parent's Club page.

Pay House Bills: Mail payment checks to P.O. Box 6246, Lincoln, NE 68506. See "Active News" for the Fee Schedule to download.

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